Crowd Funding Flash: With the Earth Above Us
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kickstarter-logoIt’s crowd funding day at, and to celebrate we are taking a trip back into space! Writer and artist Lee Milewski’s With the Earth Above Us is an all-ages sci-fi tale in the tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey. An engineer in charge of maintaining a ship and it’s sleeping crew adrift in space begins to form trust issues with the ship’s artificial intelligence, S.A.M. (Remember H.A.L.?). In the process an entire wing of the vessel is destroyed, leaving the ships engineer little time to prove himself before his shipmates begin to awake from cryo-sleep! Take a look at the promotional video below for a peak at what Milewski has cooking!


What’s the Money for? This Kickstarter is asking for $4G’s to print a digest sized 70 page graphic novel, a very reasonable request. The money will go toward printing costs, art supplies and paying the letterer. As always, Kickstarter and Amazon get a bit off the top too.

The Rewards: To help get the project to that goal, there are several enticing pledge awards for you to choose from! $10 will snag you a digital copy, and $25 will get the hard copy sent to your mailbox. For $45 you can get a sketch of yourself drawn as an astronaut, a 5×7 promotional art print, and your book signed! Higher pledges can nab you a t-shirt, poster, full color art commission, original art from the book itself, and even the employment of Milewski’s artistic talents to illustrate a 10 page comic of your own!

Sign Me Up! Help this project reach it’s goal by visiting the project page to make your pledge before December 6, 2012. If With the Earth Above Us doesn’t make it’s goal by then, the money goes right back to the bank. If you’d like to get an in depth preview of the book, the first chapter is available for FREE here. To hear future project news, follow Lee on Twitter (@LeeMilewski). Now go tell your friends about this sweet book to help Kickstart this project!

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