Crowd Funding Flash: Wolf and Man
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kickstarter-logoWrapping up its webcomic run, Wolf and Man now turns to Kickstarter so creator Jordan Kroeger can print a collected volume of the webcomic, along with some sweet Kickstarter-only extras! Wolf and Man is a silent story of a man who loses the woman he loves and must turn to his newfound wolf friends to survive. It’s 85+ pages of action, adventure, and a silent look at the relationship between humans and animals.

Kroeger has been updating Wolf and Man since late January 2013, posting one page a week and slowly building the pre-historic story. A man loses everything and fights to get it back, forming a special bond with wolves along the way. Kroeger imagines it almost as the first “boy and his dog” story, and it works well as that sort of idea. With the webcomic complete, Kroeger wants to take the next step and get a print book for cons to finally make it feel like a real comic!


What’s the money for? Kroeger is seeking just $1,000 to print collected editions of Wolf and Man. 

Rewards: $5 gets you a PDF of the complete edition, complete with pages exclusive to Kickstarter. $25 gets you a print version of the 85+ page comic. $30 nets you a print copy along with a Kickstarter exclusive print. Higher reward levels get you sketches, commissions, original pages and even cute, knitted wolf buddies.

Sign Me Up! If you’re up for some action and adventure involving prehistoric man and a pack of wolves, head on over to the Wolf and Man Kickstarter page and give Jordan some pledges! If you’re still not convinced, take a gander at the webcomic before you head over to the Kickstarter and back for the Kickstarter exclusive content.


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