Crowd Funding Flash: Yeti Press 2014
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kickstarter-logoBack in 2011, Eric Roesner and RJ Casey came together to make the 16-page comic Pecos. When they finished, they decided they needed a name to put on the cover. Thus, Yeti Press was born. In the last two years, they’ve released 15 comics, ranging anywhere from 8 to 376 pages. But now they want to expand and do more. And this is where the Kickstarter comes in.

Even with steady growth over the last two years, Yeti Press still needs help to reach the next level, to reach where they want to be. With a lineup of both newcomers and Yeti Press favorites, six books have been assembled for release over the course of a year. Three books would be released in the fall/winter and the other three would be released during the spring/summer. Full year, half year, or various other subscriptions can be bought so readers don’t have to miss out on the books they want.

The fall/winter releases sees Bird Witch from Kat Leyh, a story of two young girls of different types who both are expected to live up to their family’s expectations. The Pecos Collection from Eric Roesner and RJ Casey also sees print during the fall/winter, as the previously published first two issues of Pecos and a new third issue are collected in a volume full of cowboys, humor, tall-tales, forbidden love, and more. Roses for the Dead  by Andrea Bell rounds out the fall/winter releases as two teenagers deal with fear with the help of a creepy cemetery and some skeletons.

The spring/summer releases are nothing to be scoffed either. Poop, Boobs, Poo from Sam Sharpe collects all of Sharpe’s gag strips in one collection guaranteed to get a few laughs. Well Come by Erik Nebel is another webcomic brought to print, as it collects Nebel’s comic that is a look into an odd, surreal world full of twists and turns. The Summit by RJ Casey and Gabriel Bautista, the last book in the spring/summer block, is a heartfelt sci-fi tale that follows a terminally ill man whose final wish is to ascend Mt. Everest and die at the top. He’ll need a sherpa, but they’re largely forgotten in this future.


What’s the money for?: The money left after Kickstarter fees is going towards printing and shipping out all the books.

Rewards: For just $5 you can get a Yeti Press pin and bookmark Starting at $12, you can start pre-ordering individual books being printed through the Kickstarter. For $40, you can can get PDF files of past Yeti Press titles, and at $50 you can order either the fall/winter or spring/summer block of books. A $100 gets you all six books from the Kickstarter and higher levels can get you sketches, original art, book appearances, and more!

Sign Me Up! Head on over to the Yeti Press Kickstarter  and take a look. Order one book or all six, but do it before October 12th. They’re already about 80% of the way to their goal, but keep pledging as the first stretch goal sees an additional two books being added to the release schedule for the year.


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