Crowdfunding Flash: Head Lopper 2 – The Wolves of Barra
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kickstarter-logoAfter the first issue was printed and brought to HeroesCon, Head Lopper from Andrew MacLean truly had taken hold. Though, in MacLean’s own telling, it disgusted and pleased others, that first bit of exposure made MacLean truly want to tell the story of the hulking warrior Norgal and the severed head of the witch Agatha. With issue one nearly breaking his bank account, MacLean now turns to Kickstarter to help make this second issue happen.

The idea of Head Lopper is to have a miniseries of Norgal’s adventures in which he lops the head off any and all monsters that stand in his way, dragging the severed head of the witch Agatha along with him. It’s a love letter to the old Conan movie and the original Clash of the Titans. It’s influenced by heavy metal music, Hellboy, and Tarantino movies. More or less, it’s pretty awesome. This second issue takes place on the Scottish isle of Barra as the island seeks to use Agatha’s immense power to spread its reach. There also might be some giant wolves that get decapitated at one point or another. The issue will consist of 40+ pages of hardcore, manly story and feature a pinup gallery full of top level talent.

What’s the money for?: After the fees, all money will go towards printing, art, design, and shipping costs, and also making sure that Head Lopper colorist Mike Spicer gets paid at least a little.

Rewards: $5 gets you a digital copy of issue 2, while $8 gets you a digital copy of both 1 and 2. $15 gets you a hard copy of issue 2, while $20 gets you both issues. Higher levels get you posters, shirts, sketches and more. Original watercolor paintings are available at the $150 level and original pages from the story are available starting at the $350 level.

Sign Me Up!: If you’re down with some head-lopping goodness, head on over to the Head Lopper Kickstarter page  and get to pledging. MacLean is already over 60% of his goal, but he needs the rest by November 8th, so go and help out an awesome comic.


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