Dandy Don the Valiant’s Review: HOTELL #2- Don’t Vacation Here!
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Review by Dandy Don the Valiant…

HOTELL #2- Don’t Vacation Here!

Hotell #2

Writer: John Lees
Artist: Dalibor Talajic
Cover Artist: Karen Andrews
Publisher: AWA Studios

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Oh, hey, Mom. I’m writing another review for Outright Geekery. And it’s another review about an AWA comic book. Well, yes, I guess I do like their stories. They have great writers and great artists. This time, I’m reviewing Hotell #2. You don’t ever want to check into a hotel like that. Creepy! At least I don’t treat your basement like a hotel, Mom. Really? I do? How so? Oh, because you feel like the housekeeping and room service crews put together. At least I try to help out when I can. Yes, I do! Geesh! Sorry about that, OG peeps. Now, let’s get to this week’s Dandy Don the Valiant’s weekly review.

Writer John Lees knows how to write a creepy and spellbinding story. His new series, Hotell, for AWA-Upshot (Artists, Writers, & Artisans, Inc.), seems to mix in a little Creepshow with a little Twilight Zone, while adding a pinch of Alfred Hitchcock, and seasoning it with some Tales From the Crypt. If you ever find yourself traveling down Route 66, do NOT stop and check into this hotel. It’s deadly!

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