Dark Avengers #4
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Mike Deodato, Jr. cover      Daniel Acuna Variant

Marvel Comics – June 2009 – $3.99 – 32pgs – Color

Writer: Brian Bendis – Artist: Mike Deodato – Cover: Mike Deodato

Synopsis:  This book wraps up the story arc involving Osborn’s Avengers helping Dr. Doom fight against Morgana Le Fay thus honoring the alliance the two have made via the Cabal.  Doom and Osborn make a trip back in time to confront Morgana after many unsuccessful  attempts at killing her in present time.  We are informed through dialogue that Doom cannot actually kill Morgana because it may somehow disrupt Doom’s existence due to her being a part of his past and future.  To solve the dilemma Doom casts some spell that sends her to one million b.c..  Norman briefly ponders messing around with the past, but Doom is quick to cast the idea down as a bad idea.  The two return and the Avengers gather up and make their way back home.  Norman gets wind of the Clint Barton news conference and is arguing with his assistant on how to confront the issue, when suddenly everyone on the plane is blinded by The Sentry’s sudden return.

Review:  I must say that I am very happy the story arc with Le Fay is over.  Just a minor villain that Bendis gave almost no background on, and jumped right into a three issue slugfest.  The art and battle scenes were very nice looking, but the story was just “meh.”  It did bring out some of that conniving that harkens back to Norman’s Green Goblin days when he tried to persuade Doom to let him mess with the time stream.  The book ended with Osborn having a worried/fearful look to Sentry’s return.  Not sure what that’s all about, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Story: 6 – Writing: 7.5 – Art: 8.5 – Cover (A): 8

Overall: 7.5


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