Dead Legends #1 (Review) Hiding In Plain Sight
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Review by William Pace

Dead Legends #1 (Review) Hiding In Plain Sight

Written by James Maddox
Art and Colors by Gavin Smith
Letters by Ryan Ferrier
Published by A Wave Blue World Inc.

This is an interesting change: I haven’t seen a Kung-Fu comic book in years. There’s a big hat tip to Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon”. This a secret tournament held on an island by invitation only. Starting to sound familiar? We even get someone who looks an awful lot like former U.S. Karate champion Jim Kelly. There’s a funny exchange where he won’t stop complaining about all the stairs when another character asks how he’ll beat anyone up in the tournament if he can’t even climb the stairs. That’s something I can relate to, I always hated doing my cardio workout too. It’s a very fast-paced book, it has a very quick flow that only slows for a bit during flashbacks for us to get some backstory on these characters.

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