Elvis Spotted!… in “Going to the Chapel #1”
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Review by Brian Wayne

Going to the Chapel #1

Writer: David Pepose
Illustrator: Gavin Guidry
Colorist: Liz Kramer
Publisher: Action Lab

It’s always exciting to see the creator of popular indie comics like “Spencer & Locke” get an opportunity to branch out and show readers what else they’re capable of. In the case of David Pepose and “Going to the Chapel,” this is another one of those instances. The idea of a dark take on an incredibly high profile wedding taking an unexpected turn towards despair had my interests peaked. Our bride and groom are Emily and Jesse. We first follow Emily, a woman who clearly comes from an extremely wealthy family, as she prepares for her big day, but with very little excitement being expressed.

It’s pretty easy to automatically recognize her reluctancy of the event as she blankly gazes at her father scream into the phone over the thousand doves that are late and her mother oogling the waiters. We then flash over to the groom, a very ordinary architect, Jesse. He’s having a drink with his best man, B.J., who is trying to convince him to get out before it’s too late. As Jesse lightheartedly brushes off his buddy, the news comes on hyping up the major wedding event. It is then advertised that Emily will be wearing a $250 million necklace that was given to her on loan. From there we see a table of men noticing this story, and one of them by the name of Tom decides to make friends and congratulate Jesse on his big day. From there we flash right to the wedding vows.

The wedding was carrying on just fine, up until the time Emily had to say her “I do.” Just before she could get out the words “I can’t,” the chapel door bursts open and we see four men, all in different versions of Elvis masks, demand that everyone turn over their valuables. As one of the Elvis’ directs his attention towards Emily, who should be sporting a quarter billion on her neck, they both realize that she isn’t wearing the necklace. When he asks where it’s at, she states that she honestly doesn’t know. The man takes her to a private area to seemingly hold her hostage until the necklace appears, but when he gets her alone he takes off his mask to reveal he had other motives beyond the robbery. This mysterious Elvis was none other than Tom from the bar, but it seems it wasn’t just the high pay day that caught his attention in that news piece. It seems as if he has some history with the bride as well.

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