Family Comic Friday- Art Baltazar’s Fraggle Rock!
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Review by Tony Dillard

For this week’s Family Comic Friday, we trek into an underground wonderland. Join Boober, Mokey, and friends in the all-new young readers graphic novel: Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock: Where Is It?

Family Comic Friday- Art Baltazar's Fraggle Rock!

 Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock: Where Is It?
Written and Illustrated by art Baltazar
Published by Archaia
Pages: 32
Retail: $9.99
Gobo is missing something very special. With the help of his best friend Wembley, hopefully he’ll find it. But as more Fraggles join the search for Gobo’s missing item, will they all come to the realization that pink-haired moppet forgot to tell his pals just what it is he’s looking for?
Fraggle Rock: Where Is It? was written and illustrated by one of my favorite all-ages talent, Art Baltazar. The co-creator of such fun titles as Tiny Titans and Aw Yeah! Comics, Baltazar’s work is engaging for all readers. He’s got a cartoony style that makes iconic characters approachable for both the youngest and most veteran of fans. But what makes me a huge fan of Art Baltazar is his classic Easter eggs! They are added for those keen-eyed fanatics who are looking to share their beloved childhood franchises with the next generation of fans. Plus, unlike Disney Easter eggs, the one’s Baltazar hides in his artwork aren’t naughty!
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