Family Comic Friday: DuckTales: Silence and Science #1
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Review by Tony Dillard

DuckTales Silence Science

DuckTales: Silence and Science #1
Written by Steve Behling
Illustrated by Luca Usai
Published by IDW Publishing
Retail: $3.99

An old Disney gag has been for Donald Duck to desperately try and get some peace and quiet. But thanks to a house full of rambunctious nephews, oddball neighbors and maybe a pesky chipmunk or two, Donald can never find a moment of solitude. That is- until now!

Donald stumbles upon an ancient golden idol in the form of a panda bear. On a previous expedition with Uncle Scrooge and his sister Della, the trio discovered that if you open the panda’s mouth, everything will go silent. And by everything, we mean not just all of Duckburg; but the entire planet!

Now will the idol’s jaw stuck open, how will Uncle Scrooge and company restore sound to the world? You’ll just have to read and find out for yourself!

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