Fan Film Friday: All Good Things…
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Welcome, SMC’ers, to the final episode of Fan Film Friday!  GASP!  What?  Yes, readers, it’s true. As the title says, all good things must come to an end. We’ve had a good run, and if you look at it like a T.V. series, we had two strong seasons!  That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.  We’ve watched everything from a Spider-Man film with no budget to Batman squaring off against Predators!  The Uncanny X-Men as a web series, and a 3 part Question fan film!  Could you ask for more?  Well, probably, but I can only give you one more.  Let’s take a look at the last Fan Film Friday, shall we?

I figure, why not end it action packed, right? This video definitely does that.  Batman: The Last Laugh has it all.  The Joker.  A cameo by Penguin, Batman kicking total ass, and lots of thugs.  This is one of the best I’ve seen, simply because it does not slow down.  For 15 minutes, it’s nearly all action. Take a look, sound off below, and when you feel the itch to watch a fan film, take a look at the categories on the right of the web page.  See where it says “Fan Film Friday”?  Click on that, and enjoy.  Thanks to everyone that watched, commented, and enjoyed. I had fun watching these, and I hope you did too. Big shout out goes to Jason Newcomb. Without his help and patience, FFF would not have been. Now sit back, get that popcorn ready, and enjoy!



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