Fan Film Friday: Captain America
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Stand at attention, soldier, as we get into another edition of Fan Film Friday!  This week, it’s all about Marvel’s premiere Super Soldier, Captain America.  In our first film, we look at stylized action and Blue Screen acting, but not about Steve Rogers.  The next film revolves around a small unit of soldiers in World War II, and their experience with the Captain.  At Ease, ladies and gentlemen, as we take a look at our first film!

OK, for what it’s worth, this one is a fair representation of the Bucky version of Captain America.  It doesn’t go into a whole lot, save for the fact that Steve Rogers is dead, and Bucky must take up the mantle of Captain America.  There is quite a bit of over, and under, acting here, but I think the coolest feature is the Blue Screen work.  I like the fact that they put in the heli-carrier in this, and some of the scenes were shot fairly well.  Take a look at this one and judge for yourself.  One quick note though, there are some major cuss words dropped here (an F-bomb is dropped along with a few other, choice words) so beware when sitting the kids down to watch this with you.   Enjoy Captain America:  Reborn!


And now for this one.  Captain America:  The Fighting Avenger.  This is a very well put together fan film.  Very professional, very cinematic.  You can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into making sure that this looked and sounded great.  Beware though, it is the language of soldiers, so you can expect a few choice cuss words in this film also.

A group of soldiers are caught in an ambush.  How are they going to get out of this alive?  Sit back and enjoy Captain America:  The Fighting Avenger!  I’ll see you next week for another edition of Fan Film Friday!






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  • Jason Newcomb January 27, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Ha! Captain America with a foreign accent. That’s… odd.

    Fighting Avenger was kinda cool. Not a big Cap fan though. Harder for me to get into this. I liked the after credits part the most actually. And the “making of” vids are cooler to me than the actual fan film. 🙂