Fan Film Friday – Casey Jones
Oct 28, 2011 by     Comments Off    Posted In: Fan Film Friday

Alright you purse grabbing pukes, welcome back to Fan Film Friday!  This week we dive right into the sewers and dark back alleys of New York as we see the beginnings of our favorite man in a hockey mask, Casey Jones!

What you are about to watch is nothing short of amazing.  This has it all.  Fighting, blood, beat downs, turtles, the lovely April, and Krang.  Wait… did I say Krang.  Yes I did!

A disclaimer though:  This film has some language and obvious massive amounts of violence.  Not for the kiddies, so make sure they’re tucked away before you get comfy!  Oh, one more thing.  This film is so cool, they even got Robbie Rist to reprise his role as Michelangelo.  Who’s Robbie Rist? We all know him as the voice of said turtle from the feature films.


Casey Jones from Fan Film Follies on Vimeo.



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