Fan Film Friday: Heroes for Hire
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Hello everyone and welcome once again to another edition of Fan Film Friday!  This week, we’re going to focus on the working man, or moreover, working hero.  That’s right, none other than Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Marvel’s original Heroes for Hire!

If you’re unfamiliar with Heroes for Hire, let me give you a quick rundown.  Originally, Luke Cage was, and still is, known as the “Hero for Hire”, a New York City superhero who used his powers as a Private Investigator.  Along with the help of his friend Daniel Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist) they formed Heroes for Hire Inc. and took to the streets to help those in need.

Now, I couldn’t find one with both of them in it, but if there’s one out there I will find it!  Until then, let’s settle with these two gems in the Fan Film community.  First off we’ll start with Luke Cage.  It doesn’t follow any real continuity form what I can tell, but beside that, it’s really well done.  The shots are great, the effects look cool, and to top it off, Eric Thomas Wilson plays and looks the part of an awesome Luke Cage.  He even wrote and executive produced!  Check it out, and gimme some feedback below!



Now let’s take a look at Iron Fist.  I will say this much about this movie:  It was shot well.  The choreography for the fight scenes with Iron Fist were great, but nearly everything else about this movie honestly had me laughing.  You can’t be too picky about a fan film, but c’mon!  When you watch it, you’ll see.

Well, that about does it today.  Stay tuned for the next FFF! Until then, read your comics, support your LCS, and if you can,  make a donation to


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  • Chance Peterson January 13, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    I don’t really know much about either of these characters but the Luke Cage one looks cool. The Iron Fist one though is fairly poor.