Fan Film Friday – Superman: Requiem
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another SUPER edition of Fan Film Friday.  Oh, how I love the play on words.  This week, we’re going to take it the extra mile and showcase a feature length fan film.  Take a seat and get comfortable as we look at the Man of Steel in Superman:  Requiem!

On FFF, we’ve shown Superman only briefly, though I feel, in epic scenes.  Grayson being one.  World’s Finest being another.  Great depictions of the Man of Tomorrow, and very true to the core that is Supes.  This is taken from the website of the film,

Superman is the world’s greatest super hero and law enforcement across the globe has come to rely on him to deal with some of the major tasks that face society.  When the Man of Steel loses some of his powers after an evil villain attacks him with Kryptonite though, he just overcome his obstacles and prove he really is a super man.

This the first feature length fan film on the Man of Steel I’ve found, and believe me when I say that I’ve searched.  It clocks in at just under an hour and a half, so it’s not a film you can just breeze though.  It’s something that you really need to sit down, get the popcorn ready, and watch.

Now, the concept of the movie is a great idea.  Kryptonite bring Superman down to our level, and he has to overcome that to show that not only can he be Superman, but he can also be human, or Clark Kent.  With this in mind, it is a fan film, so it has a very limited budget.  For that, the special effects are to be desired, but they serve the purpose intended.  You have to suspend some sort of disbelief when watching a fan film, and this is no different.  The acting, in spots, could have been done a little better.  Maybe do an extra take to make sure it’s the best it can be.  With all that aside though, it really is a good film.  You have to give at least some points to the amount of time it had to take to make a film like this.

Watch for yourself, and sound off below!  Enjoy this and I’ll see you next week for another edition of Fan Film Friday!



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