Fan Film Friday: Webtastic Spider-Man / Fight the Foot
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Welcome back to another webtastic episode of Fan Film Friday!  This week, we take a look at a Spider-Man film with no budget, and then go to a TMNT film with some budget!  Sling with me through the buildings and dive into the sewers as we start up the reels!

First off, let’s take a look at Webtastic Spider-Man.  Taken from the Youtube description: ” This Was a fan film made by two guys, with no budget, no 100% legal set, or additional help but with only the love for Spider-Man.”

That, right there, is what a fan film is all about, and I think that is shows in this.  They’re clever in how they made this work.  The action went smoothly, the sets were great for what they needed, and it was really fun to watch.  My son says this is one of his favorites, simply because it has Shocker in it.  Now, granted, the costumes aren’t spot on, but working with what they had, I’d say it was a pretty good job.  Watch for yourself and sound off below!

Next, we take a look at this little beauty called Fight the Foot.  A woman, presumably April O’Neil, is going over some sort of information on her computer.  She’s in too deep, obviously, as all thes goons show up to teach her a lesson.  So is this fan film about TMNT, or at least about Raph.  From a visual aspect, at least in how the quality of the film looks, it’s good.  It’s grainy, very professional looking, and has the “movie” feel to it.  To me, that’s about where it stops being good.  The turtle suit really doesn’t look that good, and after the fight scene is over, it almost feels like a Halo commercial.  I was expecting a little more out of this, but what I got will have to do.  Gimme some comments below and let me know what you think!

That does it for this weeks Fan Film Friday.  Have a suggestion for a future FFF?  Hit me up at or you can catch me on my Twitter feed


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