Geek Cinema: Thoughts on the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
Feb 20, 2014 by     2 Comments    Posted In: Columns, Geek Cinema

I… I can’t even. The first trailer of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has been released, and it looks as epic as it has no right to be. I can’t make a full column of this because I’ve been over it SO MANY TIMES before, but: GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER DC/WB! Marvel/Disney don’t have the film rights to three-quarters of their biggest characters and they’re straight-up P’WNING YOU (people say that, right?) with C and D listers! You can’t get JLA or WONDER WOMAN off the ground and you underwhelmed with MAN OF STEEL, while Marvel’s got people excited over GUARDIANS OF THE FREAKIN’ GALAXY and ANT-MAN! We’re all just embarrassed for you at this point, frankly.

Anyway, here’s the embed, like you haven’t watched it twelve times already. Chris THE LEGO MOVIE Pratt looks like he could be Robert Downey Jr. good as Starlord.

You know, Starlord? You haven’t heard of him? No? Ah, forget it…


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  • M.W. Royals June 4, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Watching the trailer on the PC as my wife walked by- the music stopped her in her tracks. Futuristic movie with a retro soundtrack- looking forward to it becoming one of my “must see” movies of the summer.