Geek on a Budget – December 2011
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Due to some significant events in my life I have had to cut the comic book budget completely.  I am the sole bread winner for my little family at this time as my wife and I have made the decision that she would stay home to concentrate on my son’s development.  This is due to a significant amount of time he spent in the hospital with some serious health problems.  He is doing amazingly well now in large part to the work my wife does with him and the success of multiple surgeries, but it’s unclear how long we will keep this routine up.

Now, with that said, how do I get my comic fix?  I was accustomed to spending around $15-30 a month on new books, and now spend nothing!  In October MattB talked about Digital Comics.  I have always been on the opposed side to reading digital, due mainly to the collector in me.  I like to have a physical copy in my hand, and have it tucked nicely away bagged and boarded in my nifty comic drawer boxes.  However, the choice was made for me when we had to cut the comic book budget, and immediately became more curious about the free digital books out there.

My new job provided me with an IPad2 (lucky, I know), so I had the perfect tool to explore the digital realm.  I have tried Comixology (it has just about any current publisher you can think of), Marvel, Comicbooklover, and Comics+.  Now, don’t be sad if you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, you can also get these apps on your computer!

The favorite for me so far is Comixology.  It has the most options and is easy to search and find free books quickly and downloads fast.  Next would be Marvel, but only as an extension to Comixology.  Comixology offers Marvel books, but the actual Marvel app is more up-to-date, and gives more free options sooner (every week).  I have little experience with Comicbooklover, but it has recently raised my interest due to the availability of free golden age classics.  If you go to their website there is a link to flashbackuniverse, which will provide a golden age download every week (I downloaded 6 today).  They keep these posted for sometime, and I have been going back and getting the back catalog.  If you want to take them with you on your mobile device it does create some minor work.  Just simply upload via iTunes and transfer to the app!  Magically you have a library of FREE comic books to carry around with you and read at your liesure.  On a lunch break at work?  Nothing on TV?  Afraid the Canadian Border Patrol may confiscate your hard copies?  No problem!

I implore my fellow geeks on a budget to give the digital readers a try!  Even if you have the cash to spend on some books, why not try some free stuff to give you an idea of what’s worth it?  You may just have that much more money to spend on a book that you know won’t be crap!  If you are interested in what’s available for free, check out the latest “Member Reviews” section on the top right of the homepage.  I review every book I read for free and give a shout out to where you can find it!

Happy Holidays and free comic books to all! is a free comics cataloging software website for organizing your comic book collection. Sign up here for a free account to start tracking your comics collection in less than a minute, completely free.


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  • nisav December 21, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Great article. The comixology app is also available on Android devices. Same goes for the Marvel app, and there is a DC Comics app as well. For those who want to read some vintage books there is Vintage Comic Droid app with a great selection of books.

  • michaellee December 22, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Sorry to hear about your son there, Chip, I sincerely hope the tyke gets a whole lot better real soon.

    Very good article, informative and really takes your blog title to the extreme, low budget indeed.

    Since you showed an interest in Golden Age books, here is another site you may be interested in:

  • Jason Newcomb December 22, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Thanks for sharing this Michael (and also, hi! haven’t seen you in a while! :D)

    I have tried

    And it is excellent! I love those Sheena comics! I just imagine I’ve travelled back in time and I’m 11 again and in that mind frame, Sheena are pretty much the most awesome comics that could ever exist.

    I hope to review some soon.

  • chipreece December 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Excellent!! Thanks for the links and app ideas fellas! I am really digging the vintage stuff right now.

  • michaellee December 24, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Merry Christmas everybody and Happy Holidays for whatever you may be celebrating at this time of year!

  • chipreece December 25, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    To you too Mr. Lee!