Geek On A Budget: June 2011
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I heart my local library because it houses dozens of free comic books. Even better than that, including all the comic books I can access using the inter library loan program there are at least 1000 comic books I could read. Completely free!

In fact, before I ever lived in a town with a comic shop, I got my comic fix exclusively from the library. Some of the first comic books I ever read were from the library. I devoured french reprints of Daredevil and Spider-Man. I then made my way to European classics such as Tintin, Asterix and Lucky Luke. Later, with the advent of the internet I began searching the entire province’s stash of comic books. I discovered Watchmen, Understanding Comics, Maus and many other revolutionary works of sequential art. I gobbled up Harvey Pekar’s slice-of-Life stories. I developed a fascination with Canadian comics creators such as Seth and Chester Brown. The library opened my mind wide open as to what comics could really be! Now more than ever, my library has shelves full with “graphic novels” – the term comic books still carries a stigma *rolleyes*. Graphic Novels are a great literary art form which promotes literacy in children and helps fans like me discover new creators in new genres.

Really, if you haven’t already, hit up your town’s library. You might find some of the same books I read from the library. For free!

Here’s an abridged list of books I read for free at the library:
I Kill Giants.
Essex County.
The Dark Knight Returns.
Huntress: Year One. (I donated this one.)
Batman: Year One.
Y: The Last Man.
Louis Riel.
I Never Liked You.
The Plain Janes.
Bannock Beans and Black Tea.
Mouse Guard.

And many many more!

Contact your local library to see how you can donate comic books to promote literacy. is a free, no catch, no gimmick comics cataloging software. Click here to register an account and start collecting points right away to buy tickets in our many giveaways!

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