Hawkman #15 Review – Top Book
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Review by Antonio Pedro

Hawkman #15 Review

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Pat Olliffe
Inks by: Tom Palmer
Colors by: Jeremiah Skipper

Published by: DC Comics

After a surprisingly difficult encounter with the Shadow Thief, Hawkman goes to Opal City seeking the help of the one… the only.. THE SHADE! After a discussion about the nature of shadow powers, Shadow Thief attacks once again. Can Hawkman and The Shade face off against the Shadow Thief’s new powers?

So, DC has been pretty much a toilet bowl lately, with bad decision after bad decision, all of them seemingly built on wanting to make me quit comics. I’m not quitting, but good try DC, keep at it. To remind myself why I’m still hanging around, I’ve decided to review my favorite DC ongoing right now, Hawkman.

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