Kickstarter Spotlight: Break The Walls – Comic Stories Inspired by the Pixies
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kickstarter-logoCalling all Pixies (the music group) fans! Ever listen closely to their lyrics and have your mind drift away trying to imagine the places and situations they sing about? Pending the certain success of the Kickstarter I am spotlighting this week you will no longer be limited to your imagination to dream up these worlds. A collaborative effort from several industry writers and artists including Joshua Hale Fialkov and Brian Miller to name a few, have teamed up to bring some of the Pixies’ fan favorite songs to vivid life! Take a look at the video to see if this Kickstarter is for you!


The original goal, which covers costs for printing and purchasing an ISBN barcode, has been met. Since this was achieved so quickly, and with the full backing of the band itself, new goals have been created to enhance this experience even further! Take a look at the original cover art by Brian Miller, and then checkout the next three goals for the project:

  • $4,000: A second cover to the book will be printed, and everyone at the $50 and over pledge will receive a copy of both covers. Retailers who pledge will also receive extra copies of the second cover depending on their pledge level.
  • $6,000: A third cover will be printed, and copies of it given in addition to the above contributors.
  • $8,000: If this mark is reached the comic will be printed in perfect bound format with a thicker cover stock similar to paperback books!

Shawn Demumbrum of SpazDog Press has already achieved success with two Smiths (the music group) comic anthologies. I think he’s right on track to accomplish his second music inspired published work. StashMyComics wishes Shawn mega success with the project and hopes to see more interpretive works like this in the future. If you could have your favorite music artist interpreted in comic book form, who would it be? Please write the name in the comments below! Me? I’m holding out for Comic Stories Inspired by the Flaming Lips!

To support Break the Walls visit the Kickstarter page here! Follow Shawn on Twitter @SpazDog or Facebook for the latest news about this project and other SpazDog Press related creations!


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