Kickstarter Spotlight: Carbon Grey
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After reading the first arc of Carbon Grey tracked down Hoang Nguyen to interview him. You can listen to that interview here. This gloriously gorgeous epic diesel punk action-intrigue comic is nothing like there’s ever existed on the stands in the western world. Owing more to European comic magazines such as Heavy Metal and Humanoids, it is an intricate and imaginative tale of political conspiracy. Carbon Grey is more than just a good story it’s an awe-inspiring saga. Rarely have I ever read a comic book with such sophisticated attention to detail in both art and script. If you have not yet tried Carbon Grey, track it down! Regardless of your personal taste, you will not be able to deny the monstrous amount of skill the creators bring to the project. I wish I could express the huge amount of sheer talent contained herein. Our webmaster, Igor described it best when he said: “Perfect, there is no other way to put it.”

Here’s the catch, this huge undertaking isn’t finished. It still has one more volume to go. To finish it Hoang has taken to Kickstarter in the hopes of raising the funds necessary to complete this monumental endeavor. The incentives for pledging are incredibly sweet! From signed copies of books, TPBs and even original artwork up for grabs. Here’s the Kickstarter video.


This book is in the June previews book but that’s no guarantee. The book has been self-funded from the beginning but the humongous task has taken its toll and the budget’s run dry. These things happen sometimes when you are upturning the status quo and defying the western comics paradigm.

Visit Carbon Grey’s Kickstarter page.


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