Kickstarter Spotlight: Foster Anthology
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kickstarter-logoToday’s spotlight is on Brian Buccellato’s Foster Anthology! The anthology will contain five 8-10 page short stories that take place in the Foster Universe, and relate to the main series. This book aims to provide depth to the characters in the main book, and gives readers more juicy morsels to chew on! From the day of this post, the Kickstarter for this project only has 20 days left, and Brian is very close to his goal of $5,000. The money will be used to fund the collaborators and production/printing costs. Have a listen to Mr. Buccellato’s heartfelt plea for your help below!


Now that you’ve watched the video, how can you resist the “help face?” Pay the Foster Anthology Kickstarter page a visit, and check out the variety of sweet pledge awards listed! There’s something there for just about everyone! If you’re on the fence, scroll through his page to learn more, and see all the critical praise Brian’s Foster series has garnered. If you weren’t aware already Brian is currently co-writer and colorist for the mega successful Flash ongoing series. If that gives you any idea then you know that Foster is a classy piece of work that is worth your dollar!

The Foster Anthology Kickstarter will end Sunday, May 20, 2012. For additional information on Foster and Brian Buccellato visit his website at You can also check out this exclusive StashMyComics interview done with Brian earlier this year!

UPDATE: Well, just like that the Foster Anthology has achieved it’s funding goal! But, I encourage you still to check it out so you can take part in the limited rewards that are available! Also, Brian has already said that the costs he is considering are already considerably low, and would not allow him to pay his collaborative talent or himself much to do this project. So, consider still giving to make the reward for Brian and his crew that much better!


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