Kickstarter Spotlight: Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series
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The creative folks over at Zenescope are working on converting their mega popular series Grimm Fairy Tales into an animated series! But, before this can become reality they need a little help from their friends. If you are nothing more than curious, the Kickstarter Campaign rewards have plenty to entice you. From an exclusive wallpaper to actually having your likeness and voice in the series itself, you can’t deny Zenescope’s drive to make this happen! Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and take a moment to watch what Zenescope and Grimm Fairy Tales have in store for you!


Like Jon says in the video, there are a lot of fairy tale like shows popping up these days, making a great case for an animated feature like this. The best part of it though…there is no animated “fairy tale” show out there right now! An animated exploration into the Grimm Universe would be limitless in execution as the animated world isn’t hindered by the constraints that live action runs into. Zenescope will be teaming up with the über successful animation studio, Titmouse, to bring this to life. If you’ve watched anything on Adult Swim from Cartoon Network then you may be familiar with their work! Which of the Kickstarter rewards interest you? How do you plan to show your support?

Visit Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series Kickstarter page.


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