Kickstarter Spotlight: Sullivan’s Sluggers – Baseball Horror Graphic Novel
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kickstarter-logoMy recent interview with Mark Andrew Smith won me the opportunity of reading a sneak peak of Sullivan’s Sluggers, which has quickly become an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign. This graphic novel meshes baseball, humor, and horror all in one. I can tell you first hand that the book will be a humongous hit, which if you’ve visited the Kickstarter page you would already know this by it reaching it’s goal within hours of launch. Have a look at this epic introduction video for the book, and get a taste of  Mark Andrew Smith’s talented story telling and James Stokoe‘s dynamic artwork!


As you can see this book is crazy intense. If you are a fan of horror, gratuitous violence, and absolute carnage then this book is straight up your alley. You may even catch yourself laughing out loud, I know I did! Stokoe’s pencils are the right fit for the action in the book, and his monster creations are fantastic and imaginative.

Usually I would take this time to plead with you to give this a look, but there is no need for groveling here. Instead, I will tell you that you would be lucky to be a part of this. After all, this book is an exclusive, only available to the Kickstarter backer who is smart enough to throw in the dough to support a top notch project. If you think just having a copy of this book is enough, well keep looking up folks! I have it on good authority that there are more sweet rewards to come! So, pay the Sullivan’s Sluggers Kickstarter page a visit, and see if there’s a pledge reward just for you!


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  • Chip Reece May 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    So, this Kickstarter is totally kicking butt…Original goal was $6,000, currently at $44,456 and it still has 22 days to go!!