Liberated: Ales Kot
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As part of the Liberator trade paperback, Black Mask Studios asked a stellar team of comic creators to play in the world that Matt Miner created. Each team had the chance to create a short story using characters and ideas already explored in the first volume of Liberator, adding to the world and further looking into animal activism and rights. The collected issues combined with all the backups make the Liberator trade a huge collection of comics with a cause. All week long on StashMyComics we’ll be talking with some of the contributors to the Liberator trade, like Ales Kot, Fabian Rangel, Jr., Brian Level, and, of course, Matt Miner himself. Check out all the previous interviews here.

Today, we double up with interviews and Ales Kot was kind enough to take a short break from his busy schedule and share a few, quick thoughts about his contribution to the Liberator trade, Misericordia.


Leo Johnson: How did you initially get involved with contributing a backup to the Liberator trade?

Ales Kot: Matt Pizzolo asked me to contribute. I considered it and discovered a story worth telling. As simple as it gets.

Liberator_Vol1_CoverLJ: You contributed the story Misericordia. What’s it all about?

AK: It’s about a boy, ants, frog, cats, and a dog. It’s largely based on my own memories.

LJ: Liberator deals with animal activism and those that are a part of that world. Do you personally have any connection to the subject matter?

AK: Of course. Everyone does. This is not a matter of a decision. We’re all animals, at least in part, and we’re all connected. Not just humans. Everything is connected. I also believe in kindness and freedom. These things come hand in hand.

If Liberator sounds like something you’d be interested in, the trade releases 4/9 can be ordered from Amazon or single issues in digital or print can be purchased from the Black Mask Studios store.





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