Michael Moreci and Vic Maholtra Have A Second Teaser
May 28, 2014 by     Comments Off on Michael Moreci and Vic Maholtra Have A Second Teaser    Posted In: News

Roche LimitWith the first teaser for their upcoming book surfacing yesterday, Moreci, Maholtra and company have a second, of many, teasers. Details are still pretty scarce, but we do know that the creative team will consist of writer Michael Moreci, artist Vic Malhotra, colorist Jordan Boyd, and letterer Ryan Ferrier, the book will be put out through Image, and there definitely seems to be a sci-fi vibe going on. Check out the second teaser below.

Again, there’s some definite sci-fi leanings here. Intergalactic businesses getting people to sign up for who knows what? Sounds like it could lead to some pretty interesting stories. This creative team has a pretty good track record and can make some pretty killer stories. More scifi is always a good thing, especially in their hands.

What do you think the teaser is for? What sort of story can we expect from the creative team and Image?


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