Michael Moreci, Vic Malhotra Tease Upcoming Book
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Roche LimitFrom the creative team of writer Michael Moreci, artist Vic Malhotra, colorist Jordan Boyd, and letterer Ryan Ferrier comes a teaser for an upcoming release through Image Comics. Details are scarce as to the title or exact nature of the story, but we have teasers, which is pretty cool. Check out the first image below. 

Just from looking at it, I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be a sci-fi story of some kind. The image immediately makes me think of Gravity, what with the tethered astronaut seemingly drifting away.

More information and teasers are forthcoming, but the creative team alone speaks for itself as Moreci, Malhotra, Boyd, and Ferrier have all been a part of many great comics the last year or two.

What do you think the teaser is for? What sort of story can we expect from the creative team and Image?



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