New Avengers #28 (Initiative tie-in)
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“Revolution, Part 2”
Marvel Comics – May, 2007 – $2.99 – 32pg – Color – Rated A
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis – Artist: Leinil Francis Yu – Cover Art: Leinil Francis Yu

After narrowly escaping The Hand and rescuing Echo (aka Ronin), the New Avengers now need a place to hide. Spider-Woman knows just they place, and Doctor Strange teleports them to the home of the Silver Samurai. He and Logan have some words, considering it hasn’t been that long since Wolverine cut his hand off (in Wolverine: Origins), but they calm down a bit and he asks how they even got out of the U.S.

Flashback to yesterday, Luke Cage is out buying some milk, when someone tries to rob the store he is in. He cracks the guy on the head and is caught by a cop, who calls in a squad of capekillers, though Luke easily escapes. Back at Strange’s hideout, the team is gathered, only missing Spider-Woman who appears magically before them with news of Captain America. Doctor Strange sends a spectral form to spy on the Raft and see if Ms. Marvel was telling the truth, that he is alive (see “Civil War: The Initiative” one-shot), and it appears that she was.

The teams saddles up and heads for yet another rescue mission and are quickly inside Cap’s room, only to find that it isn’t Cap, but a Life Model Decoy used as a trap by the Mighty Avengers to lure them there.

Flashforward to the present, the New Avengers question the Silver Samurai about who is leading the Hand, but it turns out the Hand is leading the underworld, with Elektra at the top of everything. Suddenly, Wolverine is distracted by a smell, and the Silver Samurai takes advantage and tries to cut off Wolverine’s head (succeeding in making a very large wound), but is quickly beat down by the rest of the team. Then Peter’s Spidey-sense goes nuts, as Elektra and the force of The Hand descend upon their location…

The writing of this issue is a bit awkward because there are two stories, two days apart, being told at the same time. We know they get away from the Mighty team, but how is still in question. The team dynamic fits extremely well, everyone playing off each other’s strengths and the fight banter is hilarious. This title has been awkward during the whole Civil War event, but it has returned to its previous glory.

Writing: 7.0 – Story: 8.5 – Art: 8.0 – Cover: 8.5
Overall: 8.0


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