New Image Series from Jonathan Hickman in April
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Espionage and sabotage in Hickman’s SECRET in April

Berkeley, CA — A man shot in London, a break-in at a law firm, an accountant’s computer decrypted. Random, unconnected events. Or are they? Jonathan Hickman will reveal the connection in his new espionage thriller series SECRET, drawn by Ryan Bodenheim, and debuting from Image Comics in April.

At the intersection of government and private security firms lies a secret that can destroy two governments. It has lay dormant for twenty years, but if it awakens, civilization as we know may be what pays the price. And keeping this secret hidden are men and women who know the power they hold all too well.

SECRET is the first ongoing series by Hickman (Fantastic Four, Ulitmate Comics) with Image Comics, following the science fiction miniseries THE RED WING. Hickman’s previous Image work includes the breakout miniseries THE NIGHTLY NEWS and PAX ROMANA and his previous collaboration with Bodenheim, A RED MASS FOR MARS.


secret #1, Jonathan Hickman, Image Comics

SECRET #1 will be in stores and on digital platforms on April 11. It is a monthly 32-page, full color comic book for $3.50 per issue.


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  • Tim Morse March 5, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    The cover is kinda nasty, but the story really has me curious! I’ll check out at least the first issue, and see what I think of it.

  • Jason Newcomb March 6, 2012 at 12:26 am

    That cover design is brilliant. When it sits on the shelf you’re gonna SEE IT!

    Jonathan is by a wide margin the best designer working in comics right now.