News Flash: Broken Icon Teams up with Pro Wrestler, G-Raver
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From the press release:

G-Raver BlackOne of Broken Icon’s founders and established creators, Eric Watkins, will be teaming up with a Pennsylvania wrestler, Brandon “G-Raver” Graver, to create a new comic experience. The new series will begin production and is aiming for a 2014 release.

The title will follow around G-Raver, Brandon Graver’s wrestling persona, as he travels around with a wrestling circuit. While the circuit is a legitimate business G-Raver uses it as a cover to cleanse our world from anomalies such as vampires, zombies, werewolves, gargoyles, ghost, demons and other horrible beasts.

“Think of it like following the adventures of the perfect hunter, a death defying acrobat,” said Broken Icon co-founder and creator Eric Watkins. “Brandon is such a technical and skilled wrestler that he made the perfect choice for the focal point of this project.”

Broken Icon creators take great pride in unique and fun stories that separate themselves from anything else on the market. While similarities can be made between the creature hunting in this title and other titles, Eric is confident that the battles the wrestler faces in his adventures both against creatures and within himself, offer a noticeable separation.

“This isn’t just a book about a guy who was bred to kill anomalies from the other side,” said Eric Watkins. “He was selected and is thrust into this life, so he not only battles the creatures but has to battle himself in the process.”

The wrestling aspect of this title is something else that will be highlighted based on Brandon’s character. Brandon, of Altoona, is such a gifted wrestler that his acrobatic and high flying nature will give the character a whole new dimension to the book. The prospects of those skills being used in comic book form were something very appealing to Brandon.

“I have been a part of some amazing things during my wrestling career and for me this has my excitement at its highest point possible. I have always been into comics, horror and art. So, with the love I have for all those things having it translate into a comic about me is amazing,” commented Brandon Graver.

Not only will Brandon be the focal point of the character but since he’s an artist, it only made sense that he have some part in the creation of the book itself. So, Brandon will be responsible for the cover artwork of each installment of the soon to be released title.

Having a great focal point is next to worthless without a talented artist to bring them to life. For that very reason, Eric and the rest of the BIC team selected Iowa artist and former bass player in a signed metal band, Nicholas “Iowa” Wentland, to take control of the project. “Iowa is the most phenomenal artist you’ve never heard of, yet,” said Eric Watkins. “His well-rounded ability and knack for detail is going to blow reader’s minds.”

The project is slated for released on Halloween 2014.


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