Omni #1 (Review) The Speed of Thought
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Review by William Pace

Omni #1 (Review) The Speed of Thought

Omni #1

Script: Devin Grayson
Art: Alitha E. Martinez
Colors: Bryan Valenza
Letters: A Larger World Studio
Cover A: Mike McKone and Leonardo Paciarotti
Cover B: Afua Richardson

Published by Humanoids

Welcome to the H1 brand. It’s a shared universe with a few connected titles, The Ignited Universe. The best way to describe this book would be if you’re a fan of Heroes (TV Show), Harbinger, or X-Men meets Vertigo AKA Black Label. That being said, it felt deeper and more mature than a superhero book. No costumes, at least so far. The lead character is adamant about “no capes” at all. I found this a compelling read on a level all its own. This, the origin issue as they said, or at least the lead character’s best friend and currently unpowered sidekick, who has decided to make a comic book about them flourishing the truth of what’s transpired in the past to them to say the very least. Although it was a nice bit of comedy, Omni’s lead character is Dr. Cecelia Cobbina, a gifted young doctor who, while working with Doctors Without Borders, had her life changed forever. She was Ignited! Allowing her to think faster than the speed of light. She is convinced that her newfound abilities make her the only one who is able to unlock the secrets of why people all over the world are Igniting.

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