Outright Classic Geek Picks: Gotham City Villains!
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Of course Batman is an iconic character. But there’s no denying that much of his appeal is thanks to that color rogues gallery of his. As we sit out another week of no new comics, the OG staff has gotten together (remotely) to share with you their favorite moments in all of media starring the villains of Gotham City!

The Comics

William: Operators Are Standing By

William: When Joker kills Robin in “Death in the Family”.
Written by Jim Starlin
Art by Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo
Batman relieves Jason Todd of his duties as Robin due to his impulsive nature. Enraged, Jason storms off. On his own, he learns that Catherine Todd is not his biological mother and sets off to find his real mother, eventually tracking her to the Middle East. Meanwhile, the Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, and Batman learns that he has obtained a nuclear weapon and plans to sell it to terrorists in war-torn Lebanon.
Originally published as Batman #426-429, December 1988-March 1989.

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