Powered By Geek Energy: StashMyComics.com Rebrand
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StashMyComics.com logoThe story of StashMyComics.com is the story of overcoming challenges. A quick survey of the core team’s background reveals an inspirational roster of individuals. Defeating cancer, depression, prejudice, unemployment, the death of a loved one; these are but a sampling of the achievements attained by the volunteers dedicating their passion to this project and drawing energy from it. It is this more than anything which has made StashMyComics.com a welcoming and friendly community. More than a smooth functioning and continuously expanding database, more than compelling blog content, more than a weekly podcast, it is the positive energy of the active members which fuels the project. It is from this core value that we propel the StashMyComics.com re-branding project.

As you can see, there’s a new coat of paint on the site as well as a new logo and layout. These things overtly exist to express our new direction and to enhance the end user experience. But there are invisible reasons for this as well. The new brand permeates every layer of this project. The tag placed under the logo is not just a clever turn of phrase, it is a modus operandi. It describes perfectly how this site is an organically evolving social ecosystem. All data and content is generated by users and volunteers. StashMyComics.com is, in quite a literal sense, “Powered By Geek Energy”. This philosophy guides the core team’s decision-making to bring you more enthusiastic services and content. We are thoroughly convinced that all of this will contribute to the positive edification of the comics community and by extension, the lives of the individuals belonging to it. Our goal is to radiate so much passion that you too will become Powered By Geek Energy.

Here are a few of the practical things you can expect to come from this initiative:

  • A simplified and maximized layout. Packs more content in the same real estate while emphasizing ease of use.
  • More options available for end user such as doing a search from anywhere on the site.
  • Streamlined navigation. For instance, stashing issues from the search pages will no longer redirect you to another page. Stashing will happen “behind the scenes” so that you can continue browsing and stashing without interruption. Another example: Making your stash public is simplified by adding an “eye” icon next to each category. A closed eye means the category is hidden, an open eye makes it public.
  • A focused homepage. We did some house cleaning and decided to feature the most meaningful content here.
  • A fully overhauled blog. This hub of cultural output will now be more dynamic. It emphasizes “hot” content and provides readers with an “at a glance” view of the overall blog activity.
  • A code update makes the site more receptive to added features and database expansion.

That last feature is invisible but profoundly impactful. It means that StashMyComics.com is much more receptive to growth. There is now abundant potential for adding new and better features and expanding our database. Translated, this means our community is poised to evolve into an increasingly dynamic organism.

So go explore, have fun and give us your feedback at the forums, twitter or facebook.


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  • Chip Reece July 25, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Love being a part of this awesome site!

  • Tim Morse July 25, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Me too. I get up in the morning, turn on the coffee, and get my SMC going! This website has been such a big part of my life for the past year, that I don’t see myself doing anything but this. It’s great. The people are great. I’ve got some really great friendships from just being a part of this awesome community. This place is just awesome!