Preview: The Reservoir, A Moth City One-Shot
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Named one of Comixology‘s “Best of 2013″, Moth City is a Comixology Submit success story. The story, written and drawn by Tim Gibson, takes place on a small island where chemical weapons and the approaching Chinese military soon find the island’s brutal governor battling enemies both inward and outward. Already six issues into its run, Moth City is holding as one of the best digital comics around right now. This Wednesday (Feb. 5th) a Moth City story of a different kind comes out, The Reservoir.

The Reservoir is a bit of a prelude one-shot to Moth City, a western in, as Gibson subtitles it, black, white, and blood. It’s a dialogue-less story of brothers and family that centers around Governor McCaw, the future leader of Moth City, and his family, including his daughter Glitter. It’s Gibson’s own take on a western, with the characters embodying various western themes. Much like the greater Moth City story, it’s a bit morally complicated with plenty of grey areas, but nothing is usually ever black and white, even if drawn in black and white. As a one-shot, it’s perfect for new readers, but regular readers of Moth City certainly won’t feel left out.

The Reservoir hits Comixology on Feb. 5th for $2.99 and sports 150+ pages of art and story. Check out a preview of the cover and first seven pages below.

Reservoir_1Reservoir_2Reservoir_3Reservoir_4Reservoir_5Reservoir_6Reservoir_7The Reservoir Preview


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