Punisher: War Journal #5
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“NYC Red”
Marvel Comics – May, 2007 – $2.99 – 32pg – Color – Rated T+
Writer: Matt Fraction – Artist: Ariel Olivetti – Cover Art: Ariel Olivetti

A beat cop is simply doing his duty one day, when suddenly the Bushwhacker comes crashing through the side of a building with a hostage, followed by G.W. Bridge. The cop takes aim and holds steady, despite both bridge and his own police force giving him backup and trying to relieve him. Turns out, this kid isn’t a real cop, he’s a volunteer reserve cop, but still goes out every day and acts like a cop.

After many attempts to get a helicopter, Bushwhacker decides he instead wants the Punisher. Shortly after, the Punisher does indeed show up, but having overheard the Bushwhacker talking directly to Bridge as if he should have the situation rectified, Frank turns and leaves, realizing that they were working together to draw him out. As he turns to leave Times Square, breaking news footage plays over the jumbo-tron, showing Captain America bleeding to death from gunshot wounds outside his courthouse…

This issue probably could have been told in about 10 pages rather than 22, but the writing is very good despite that, and the art is pretty as hell. Frank is NOT going to be happy that Cap is now dead, and it should be interesting what he decides to do about it – and also what he decides to do with Cap’s mask that he picked up at the end of Civil War.

Writing: 8.0 – Story: 6.0 – Art: 9.0 – Cover: 8.5
Overall: 7.875


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