Review Capsules – X-Men Schism #1, Daredevil #1, Wonder Woman and her Furies #2
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Chance900 from the forums has this to say about X-Men Schism #1:
X-Men Schism begins with a brief interaction between Wolverine and some of the newest x-men. After this
Wolverine is recruited by Cyclops to accompany him to an international arms control conference. Cyclops is
scheduled to give a speech, to all the nations present, (America was absent) on the elimination of sentinels.
Cyclops is interrupted by a mutant activist looking to spread his message. How will humans react to this “attack” and how will Cyclops and the X-Men respond. This event will have an impact on a global scale.

Great introduction to what I hope will be an extraordinary event. It leaves many possibilities for what will happen next. Excellent writing along with stellar art makes this a must.

Daredevil #1 didn’t turn my crank:
I don’t share the enthusiasm fans seem to have for this book. I picked this up because of the praise and I can’t say I’m sold. It was quite well put together for sure but the tone folks seem to enjoy greatly did not compel me personally. The art reminded me of a more sophisticated Archie and Jughead and the script was too “happy dappy Hahaha! Superhero adventure with witty banter” For my taste. I understand the craving for fresh and bright and stories but at $4 I don’t have much interest in reading about Daredevil half “Singin’ in the rain” and tap dancing in the streets of New York. Considering the character’s noir background, this radical shift in tone strikes me as unusual.

I think I’d rather collect the back issues of the Bendis/Maleev run as it seems like it would be more to my liking. I might try the next issue, I’m not sure. Very cool cover though!

The book club this week was Wonder Woman and her furies #2. Here’s what folks had to say about that issue.
Jason Newcomb: “I just finished reading this and I really liked it! The way the writers described the escalation of threat between the Amazons and the Atlanteans was full of tension and political intrigue. Finally someone is tapping into the potential of these two civilizations with in the DCU! So great!

Other things I thought were cool.

  • Themyscira is built on a volcano but the Amazons call it Tartarus which in greek mythology is where the dead go to be judged. Deeper than the underworld even. I liked that little extra piece of lore that was added and how it was used as a war tactic.
  • Also, I liked how there isn’t just one invisible jet like usual. There’s a whole fleet of them. And they are shaped like birds which fits the whole Themysciran motif.

I really don’t have any criticisms for this issue. I had a great time reading it. Very satisfying issue for me!

Threeshotwonder: I have never really followed a Wonder Woman story line. But this one was pretty awesome I have to say. The artwork was pretty good and I like the self destruction scenes of the island showing the ends that the amazonians are willing to go to like invading the British isles to win the war.  I actually went back to the comic shop and bought the first of the series making them the only two wonder woman titles in my collection.

Chance900: Just finished reading it and it was good. I have never read any Wonder Woman or Aquaman before but I enjoyed this book. Even though I had not read the first issue I could pick the story up just fine. I will try to find the first issue next time I go to my LCS and get the next issue as well.


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  • chipreece July 29, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    I agree with the Daredevil review, in the sense that the tone DOES feel different. I am making the jump from the Bendis/Maleev run to this issue. I have almost collected the entire Bendis run, and thoroughly enjoy every issue. The Bendis run is very dark. I know this is different, but at the same time Daredevil has been in the emotional dumps for several years now between the Bendis to Brubaker runs.

    I think it is fitting that we see a “bright new day” here, and that is where I disagree with there being a problem with the tone. I thought the book was very satisfying for the most part. I did have a problem with the look of the villian The Spot. Daredevil describes him as having a “cool power, lame name.” I would improve upon that by saying ridiculous costume! He seriously looks like a human version of a dalmation dog. The power is great, and I would have loved to see how Daredevil was able to subdue him rather than just go from cliffhanger on one panel to The Spot all tied up in the next. Other than his outfit, I thought the artwork was great, and if that’s what Archie artwork looks like, then I’m missing out on something! 🙂

    I will give the next issue a try. I’m hoping the $3.99 price is just for issue #1. I give this issue 8/10 script, 9/10 art.

  • Jason Newcomb July 29, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I can see how a long time DD fan would like this more than I did. The refreshing change would have a much more meaningful impact than it did on me trying this for the first time.

  • Tim Morse August 16, 2011 at 9:28 am

    I loved this issue! My brother picked it up, read it, and then practically threw it at me to read! I thought it had a great feel to it, and I felt myself smiling through alot of it. I’m used to seeing Daredevil as dark and gritty, which is great, but this I think breathes life into him and shows us another side of the Mana without Fear. I’ve never read the Bendis run, but I’ll be checking that out too!