Say What?! Things From Comics You Won’t Believe Exists #80
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Doctor Strange may be the Sorcerer Supreme, but his Greenwich Village Sanctum Sanctorum doesn’t get cable!

The Doc probably peers through the All-Seeing Eye of Agomotto when we wants to watch Masterpiece Theater, so that nasty TV antenna was probably put on the roof by Strange’s faithful manservant, Wong. You’d think the Doc would spring for a cable bill, but maybe he’s above such worldly concerns!

The All-Seeing Boob Tube Of Agomotto!

But spare a thought for Wong, adjusting his aerial to pull in a signal in Manhattan’s concrete canyons. And what show is Wong most likely watching, circa 1972 when this panel was published? All In The Family was the top show on the tube, but I can’t see Wong going for that kind of socially-charged comedy and drama, and I expect the Doc would have a house rule against shows like Marcus Welby, MD. Which leaves only one choice — The Flip Wilson Show (of course!)

The Devil Made Him Do It!


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