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As you may know already, whenever you view any individual comic on this site you can view a ton of info on this comic. Creators, character appearances, date of publication and a whole lot more are available for you to consult at a glance. You, the user, submit this info and gain points which are redeemable for tickets in giveaways. With the site growing steadily and usage increasing, this means more and more info is being generated. The necessity for organizing this data has become increasingly apparent and thus a redesign of the comic info page is currently underway. Here are a few things to look for on this page.

Horizontal layout:
Previously, all info was vertically stacked. This was fine for comics will scant data attached to it. But for books with many character appearances, large creative teams and lots of other info, this caused the page to be too tall. Scrolling through all of this was sort of a pain and so the info is now organized in a horizontal manner. This will make a lot more comfortable for you to view the info and submit new info as well.

New ratings and review setup:
This particular part of the comic info page redesign is a work in progress but you can see some of the changes already. From your stash, when you rate and review a comic, the rating and review will no longer appear buried in a tab on the comic info page but rather will appear right there on the main comic page along with anyone else’s ratings and reviews. Also, on the top right, you can compare the users’ rating of a book and StashMyComics’ rating. The user rating is averaged from every user who has rated the book and the SMC rating is pulled from critics’ blog reviews (if they exist). Also, on the top right you’ll notice a piece of data called SMC rank. This number is generated by the number of times the book is stashed by users of the site. The lower the number, the more people have this book in their stash.

To reiterate, this is a work in progress and further changes will come to this page which will enhance your experience with using the site and improve its functionality. Keep experimenting with your usage of the user submitted info as well as the ratings and reviews and if you notice any glitches, bug or have suggestions and questions, head over to our forums to discuss these issues (your forum login info is the same as your “my stash” login info).

Thanks to webmaster Igor for continuously striving to improve the site and the user experience. is a free comics cataloging software website for organizing your comic book collection. Sign up here for a free account to start tracking your comics collection in less than a minute, completely free.


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  • Todd Ayotte August 7, 2012 at 12:32 am

    Hey guys, I might be a simpleton when it comes to changes but where are the weekly updates to comic lists and why can’t I add anything to my list? Your site is pretty but it seems to have changed from what I was using it for. Tracking my books. A more simple “Hey, here is how you access these functions” would be useful.

  • Chip Reece August 11, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Hmm…I’m not sure what you’re asking. Nothing has changed in terms of adding/subtracting to your stash. Everthing you need is in the “MyStash” dropdown box. If you need more help please visit the forums and comment in the “Report site issues” section.