SMC Podcast #29
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SMC PodcastIt’s another all new episode in the SMC Podcast! This week, it’s episode 29, and we have TONS in store for you!

First, Leo and Tim talk Vertigo’s DMZ, and The After, a new show that’s part of Amazon’s Pilot Season, and that’s just the beginning of the show! The News is up next as we talk the Minecraft film, the long awaited Ninja Turtles trailer, and Rocket Raccoon’s own series! The Pull List comes up with two very unique titles: Sage Escape #1 from Primal Archtype and Veil, from Dark Horse Comics. Opinions differ on these titles, and for good reason! We also talk the titles we’ve been reading recently, with New Warriors, Punisher, Batman, and more.  The main segment of our show is the Weekly Distraction, and this week it’s all about the Evolution of the Video Game! Another great show awaits! Listen to it! Love it! ENJOY IT!

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Ninja Turtles Trailer to debut before Captain America!

Rocket Raccoon gets his own series!

The Pull List, featuring Sage Escape #1 and Veil #1!

Veil #1 Sage Escape

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