SMC Podcast: Episode #32
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SMC PodcastWe missed a week, but we are back in action with episode 32 of the SMC Podcast! Did you miss us? We missed you, and we go right into some March Madness to start the show, along with some talk about LackeyCCG, a really cool and innovative way to play Collectable Card Games, and so much more, just in the beginning of the show!  Follow that up with our thoughts on the new TMNT trailer, and a dash of Spidey news in the SpiderVerse plans and Spidey 2099 getting a new ongoing series! Our Pull List consists of Motorcycle Samurai #0 and All New Ghost Rider #1. One was loved, the other not! Our Weekly Distraction covers a really cool conversation on Digital Comics and what Leo and Tim thought about the future of comics! Sprinkle some odds and ends stuff about Taco Bell (what?!) and you’ve got one heckuva show! Listen to it! Love it! ENOY IT!

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The new TMNT Trailer!

Every Spider-Man EVER in one massive storyline, and Spider-Man 2099 in his new series!



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