SMC Podcast: Episode #34
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SMC Podcast The boys are back after a two week break to bring you episode 34 of the SMC Podcast!  Tim and Leo talk about Easter madness in the form of a massive egg hunt at Tim’s house, but they’re quick to get into comic talk as they discuss the feeding frenzy on eBay for The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Gamestop Variant! Check it out for yourself! They also talk the 3 awesome movies slated to come out this month! Which are you going to see? Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, or The Amazing Spider-Man 2? All this before we even get to the news!

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Our news segment is threefold this week as we talk about Chew getting the animated feature treatment, along with Lucasfilm’s official word on the Star Wars Extended Universe. Does any of what Dark Horse Comics, countless authors and artists, and so many other people did even count toward future stories, or even reside in canon for the Star Wars universe? We also talk about Amazon’s purchase of Comixology and the new app that’s since come out, and it’s effect on Apple users! It’s a lot to go through, but we don’t stop there!

The Pull List covers Skinned #1, another winner from Monkeybrain, and a little bit of Back Issue Bin to the Future fun in Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man! We also talk other new comics, recent pick-ups, and our Weekly Distraction, which pay homage to Batman’s 75th anniversary in our Top 5 Batman Villains! Who will they be?  Find out in this week’s SMC Podcast! Listen to it. Love it. ENJOY IT!

The News:

Chew as an animated feature!

Lucasfilm’s official word on the Star Wars Extended Universe!

Comixology’s new iStore app!

The Pull List:  Skinned #1 and Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man!

Skinned #1 Cover Superman vs. Spider-Man

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