SMC Podcast: Episode 35
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SMC PodcastWelcome back to another stellar episode of the SMC Podcast, episode 35! Leo and Tim get right to it by talking about Marvel having two movies in the top 4 (as of this podcast’s recording!): The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at #1 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at #4! Facepalms at home are discussed too before they dive into the news!

It’s a big week for Geek Energy as the podcast host duo cover Zack Snyder’s official attachment to a Justice League movie, the revelation of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast, and Matt Damon as Aquaman rumors?! The Pull List is next as we talk Nailbiter, from Image Comics, and the return of Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man #1, from Marvel! Can you guess which one was loved more?  Our Weekly Distraction is SPOILER filled as Tim gushes over The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Again, it’s full of SPOILERS, so you have been warned! Listen to it. Love it. ENJOY IT!

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The News:

Zack Snyder to direct Justice League!

Star Wars Cast Revealed!

Matt Damon rumors for Aquaman!

The Pull List:  Nailbiter #1, from Image Comics, and The Amazing Spider-Man #1 from Marvel!

Nailbiter01-CoverA Am Spider-Man #1

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