Spinning Out of the Pages of Captain Marvel, This is STAR #1 (Review)
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Review by Thomas Hulett

Spinning Out of the Pages of Captain Marvel, This is STAR #1 (Review)

Ripley Ryan as Star is the newest reformed villain in the MU, but in her debut issue she can’t seem to get off the ground. Spinning out of Captain Marvel, Ripley Ryan was once a reporter assigned to interview Captain Marvel, after which she was kidnapped by the Nuclear Man. Eventually, she made a devil’s bargain with a Kree scientist and attempted to kill Captain Marvel. Now, after barely surviving her encounter with Captain Marvel, Ripley has escaped the Raft and is on the run.

And that’s where our story picks up. Ripley has managed to escape the Raft with the Reality Stone, which has bonded with her. Now, we all know the Reality Stone allows its user to warp or change reality at will. However, that’s largely based on the user’s own imagination and understanding of reality, something that it seems Ripley has very little of. Heck, for a first issue she doesn’t even make an announcement. Everyone knows the first rule of superheroing is to let them know who you are. This is something that Riley just can’t seem to do or doesn’t get around to.

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