Stash My Toys: Todd Mcfarlane Figure
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To celebrate 20 years of Image Comics, your faithful toy guru decided to go into his vault of Rubbermaid containers and find thee ever exclusive Todd Mcfarlane the artist figures. Yes people, he made a figure of himself in the 90’s. How awesome is that? I think it is pretty rad. His hat is even backwards and he is wearing a leather jacket! This was a Collector’s Club Exclusive. I bought in an eBAY lot for $25.

Figure Stats:

Release date: 1998

Height: 6 3/4

Width: 1 1/2

Points of Articulation: 4

Casing: Jewel

Accessories: None

Extras: It comes with a postcard illustration with a monster sketch on it and it says “I just love monsters!”

I want my Jack Kirby figure with karate chopping action now!






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  • Chip Reece February 23, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Awesome!! I want to see a Jack Kirby action figure too!