calls on your goodwill
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The online comic book database came into existence in 2004 and has been free ever since. I have had the privilege of communing with the site’s creator and webmaster Igor Nikitenko. This intelligent, laid back and congenial family man leaves no doubt that this website is a work of passion for him. The site is as resilient as Igor himself who has survived a battle with a villain much worse than one from any superhero comic, cancer. Igor’s superhuman dedication to this project through thick and thin is astounding and plays no small role in rallying a troop of dedicated technical and creative volunteers.  Now is not only a fast growing comic book database but also a cultural hub where fans of comics all over the worl can meet. The site has an active forum community, excellent blog content and two podcasts, all for free. I could go on at length in describing my amazement at this site’s ability to remain not only supremely functional, hopping with activity and fun but also remain completely free. But I’ll get to my point.

Igor’s PC crashed over the holidays and along with fixing the machine comes costs. They are not exhorbitant or excessive but they come unexpectedly. Igor has already made an amazon wish list on the forums, but I’ve decided to take it a step further and ask the blog readership and the site at large to help if we can. We have approximately 17,000 users on this site. This means that if each user donates one penny, the costs will be covered. Of course, it’s not realistic to expect each and every user who has ever registered an account with to currently be active and see this blog post and donate. But let’s say that just 1% of the user base donates only $1.70, this would cover costs. $1.70 is the cost of half a comic book, one cup of coffee or a candy bar. Can you skip a coffee and donate $1.70 to It seems a small donation, but after all, a mountain is made of tiny grains of sand.

Give a little bit. It helps keep the site free and working in tip top shape.

We thank you for your generosity.

If you do not have a paypal account here’s a tutorial on how to set one up. Or, if you do not want to set one up email Igor to ask how you can send a cheque or money order to him directly. 


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