interviews Hoang Nguyen, creator of Carbon Grey
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Hoang Nguyen

Click the player above to listen to an interview with Hoang Nguyen. Hoang is one of the many creators of Carbon Grey. In the interview we talk about the story so far (no spoilers) and what we can expect in the rest of the series. We also discuss how working in the video game industry has informed the book’s unique visual style. Fans of Heavy Metal and Humanoids will be happy to hear Hoang talk about these important comics publications and the role they played in shaping his work ethic and publishing philosophy. Additionally, we examine the process of building such an elaborate story world and plot. Listen to the entire interview for details on Carbon Grey giveaways!

When Image Comics published Carbon Grey in the spring of 2011, fans were impressed by the stunning artwork and epic storyline. Carbon Grey is a slanted retelling of Axis and Allies history where the Axis has developed diesel punk technology and has subjugated the world. For hundreds of years the Kaiser has kept the Grey family under his thumb. The Grey sisters, always three, are bound to protect the Kaiser with their lives. But this generation of Greys will be different. Twins were born and the 4th sister is destined to free her family from oppression. Follow the Greys’ journey as it takes you through epic violent action, political intrigue and compelling twists and turns.

Click the above image for a larger view to admire the detail and care put into the visuals of Carbon Grey!

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  • NIsav June 18, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Just got my issues in the mail and finished reading Issue #1 and wow. The artwork is just, perfect, there is no other way to put it. Its definitely one of the more beautifully comics I’ve seen in along time if not ever. I am glad the creative team is taking their time and not rushing and cutting corners to produce these issues. The story so far is very interesting and leaves you wanting more, so i can’t wait to dig into the other 2 issues. On the surface the story seems simple, but underneath there is so much more and its exposed in pieces, so you have to pay attention. A lot of character introductions are happening so you are jumping from place to place and given just a little more of the story and introductions, i’m sure as i keep reading things will begin to tie together and make more sense, but it all seems to be building up to being a must read.

    Jason, awesome interview. Thank you Mr. Nguyen. I’m not one to shy away from spoilers especially if they let me explore more and understand more, and this interview did that. Thank you.

    There is only one thing that sucks about all this, and that is, being the only person on this site who is not allowed to enter the giveaways. But, i am looking forward to the next arc of the story.

  • JasonNewcomb June 18, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    Thanks a lot for listening Igor. I highly recommend to anyone who likes their comics to look slick and have a challenging story to try Carbon Grey.

    I looks better than most things on the market right now and the story is very deep and engrossing.

    Also, whenever there are spoilers discussed in an interview, I garble it up in post-production. I did that in the Jason Shiga when he said that the main character is actually… oops. Almost slipped up there. 😀

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