Podcast: Episode #26
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SMC PodcastThe latest installment of the Podcast is out. Tim, Scott, Tom, and Jason talk about Senate candidate that is under fire because she plays World of Warcraft. The death of Charles Xavier is the second (kind of) news item of the day. The Pull List has reviews of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 and Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: Hearts of Darkness. Lastly, the gang (minus Tom) discusses the Motivation of the Villian for the Weekly Distraction. Plus, Jason has the trivia question this week, so make sure to think it through.

  • Comic Book News (8:45) WoW talk and the death of Professor X.
  • Review #1 (25:27) Secret Wars #1 chosen by Tom is first.
  • Review #2 (36:58) Tim’s seasonal-esque choice of Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: Hearts of Darkness is next.
  • Weekly Distraction (52:47) The Motivation of the Villain.
 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 Hearts of Darkness #1

As always, thanks to our producer Matt for mixing the show and making it presentable.

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