Podcast – Episode #9
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This week on episode #9 we talk about a variety of comic book related topics including pet gear, spoofs, statues, movies, and of course, comics. In our special segment we talk about buying and reading comics in the good old days.


  • Comic Book News (1:50): Matt talks about the upcoming comic spoof known as Dead Pooh coming out by Antarctic Press.
  • (3:35) Steven talks about Marvel Pet Swag arriving in Pet Smart stores. Matt and Steven both contemplate dressing their pets in this awesome gear.
  • (7:00) Matt discusses a possible Venom movie still in the works?
  • (10:00) Steven talks about busts including Wonder Woman’s (the statues you can buy sickos!)
  • (12:00) Matt reviews NIghtforce #1 by DC and is very confused as to what he just read, though he enjoys the art.
  • (27:25) Steven grabs a random book from the now defunct Malibu Comics  X-Mutants #16 and has a good laugh about the randomness of some of the characters that were in this universe.
  • (29:15) We go back in time and gather our earliest memories of buying and reading comics as youngsters for our special segment.

Total running time: 42:02

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