Superman: Up in the Sky #4 Review – What is a man?
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Review by Antonio Pedro

Superman: Up in the Sky #4 Review

Superman: Up in the Sky #4 ReviewWritten by: Tom King
Art by: Andy Kubert
Inks by: Sandra Hope
Colors by: Brad Anderson
Published by: DC Comics

Much like the previous issues, we have two different little vignettes, tied together by the through-line of “Superman has to save a little girl who’s lost in space”. This time, we have a retelling of the famous charity race between Superman and the Flash from the perspective of someone watching it and a story that could best be described as Superman vs. Clark Kent. Let’s get into that, shall we?

Throughout my reviews of this mini, I’ve been praising Tom King left and right, in no small part because he’s been very good at avoiding the traps that plague some of his worst stuff. This isn’t impossibly depressing and grim like Heroes in Crisis or as cold and detached as his Batman. However, the first story from this book started ringing some alarm bells for me, when I saw its format, which is entirely composed of one-page splashes with some text in captions.

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